Closed for the season

The museum will be closed until
May 4, 2017. (Open Thursdays 1 to 4 through the end of September)

2017 Schedule of Events     April Newsletter
Apr 27 Thursday 7:00 pm Hall Memorial Library
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PT Barnum - The Prince of Humbugs

Presented by Joe Ouellette

American showman, businessman, entertainer, promoter of hoaxes, founded the circus as we know it today, author, publisher, politician, philanthropist and the first show business millionaire. He left a great legacy. Don't miss this one!

May 20 Saturday 9 am -2 pm

Annual Flea Market and Bake Sale
(Museum open for tours)

Form to rent a space: link

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Jun 10 Saturday 10 am -4 pm
Connecticut Open House Day - June 10, 2017
Museum open for tours.
Try your hand at weaving, using a wash tub and beating rugs.
Join us for a celebration of our 50 years as a historical society.
Refreshments will be served.
Jun 22Thursday 6:30 pm Hall Memorial Library

Potluck Dinner

(Member's Only)


Jun 24 Saturday 9 am -12 noon

Farmers Market
See items from the kitchen of the Nellie McKnight Museum. Try your hand at chores.

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 Ellington Chronicles of Change by Dorothy Cohen

Written in 1987 this book is "a social, hlstorical, and political commentary on what we consider to be some of the highllghts of the area's evolutlon." - Irene Dowd editor

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Activity at the Museum
The museum is closed for the season.

Ellington Historical Society 50th Anniversary

As we begin 2017 it is time to look back fifty years to the formation of the Ellington Historical Society. Selections from minutes will be featured this year to commemorate those who organized the society and remind us how important history is to our community. Nellie McKnight was a driving force in the formation of the historical society and it is not surprising that she bequeathed her home to the society to be used as a museum after her passing in 1981.

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